Website Enhancements: Winter 2017-18

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Website Enhancements: Winter 2017-18

Postby Kevin » Thu Dec 14, 2017 3:00 pm

I'm starting what I hope will become a lengthy thread to document the updates/enhancements I make to the league website this winter. You can also use this thread to offer up your comments and suggestions.

The first enhancement is now live! I have replaced the "leaders" page with a much more comprehensive sortable leaderboard that allows you to view *all* players who meet the search criteria, not just the top 10 in each category. This page can be used to search for stat leaders incorporating all of the same splits as before, plus a bunch more. It is mirrored off of the general FanGraphs' leaderboards, though we obviously have far fewer stats and splits at our disposal. Here are some of the particulars:

  • All stats are merged into a single table (batting and pitching searches must be performed separately) with each column being sortable.
  • There is a search box that can be used to find specific players within the table.
  • Team/season/career searches are all possible as before, but can be further broken down with new splits...
  • You can now search by position(s).
  • The Multiple Seasons option allows you to define a specific range of years. For example, maybe you want to see the leaders for the current decade (2010-2017).
  • "Split Teams" will split a player's stats into multiple rows if they played for more than one team in the selected time period. By default, they are grouped into one row per player (this is a change from how the old leaderboard worked for single season searches).
  • "Split Seasons" is the option you will want to select if you wish to find single season leaders over a multi-year period. Without it selected, it will show players' full stats for the selected time period.
  • You can set a minimum number of at bats or innings pitched for a player to be included in the result set. There is also a "qualified" option, which may be useful when searching for AVG, ERA or WHIP leaders.

That covers most of the things you can search for using these new leaderboards. I'm hoping to add some other "splits" options later (like customizable date splits within a season), but that will be dependent upon other changes that I have planned down the road. Links to the current season, career, and all-time single season sortable boards can be found in the main "Leaders" menu. Also, links to the new team specific leaderboards can still be found on the team pages.

This isn't quite a finished product. For one thing, I need to fix a rendering issue when the resulting table contains thousands of rows (e.g. all-time single season leaders). But I didn't think this was significant enough to hold up the deployment. Please play around with it a bit and let me know what you think. Enjoy!
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Re: Website Enhancements: Winter 2017-18

Postby Mike » Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:54 pm

I just got around to playing with this feature, and it's fantastic. Well done, Kevin.
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