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05-26-2022Moncada, Yoan Added to major league roster.
05-26-2022Hosmer, Eric Sent to minors.
05-26-2022Clevinger, Mike Sent to minors.
05-26-2022Gonsolin, Tony Added to major league roster.
05-26-2022Margot, ManuelSigned as a free agent. Added to major league roster.
05-26-2022Robles, Victor Released.
05-02-2022Robles, VictorSigned as a free agent. Added to major league roster.
05-02-2022Jimenez, Eloy Placed on disabled list.
05-02-2022Alcala, JorgeActivated from disabled list. Sent to minors.
05-01-2022Mahle, Tyler Sent to minors.
05-01-2022Clevinger, Mike Added to major league roster.
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Yearly Results:

2022 --- 4th Place, 60 Points, 16 Behind
2021 --- 3rd Place, 64 Points, 13.5 Behind
2020 --- 5th Place, 58.5 Points, 14.5 Behind
2019 --- 4th Place, 67 Points, 17 Behind
2018 --- 6th Place, 53 Points, 19.5 Behind
2017 --- 1st Place, 72.5 Points, CHAMPIONS
2016 --- 4th Place, 72.5 Points, 3.5 Behind
2015 --- 2nd Place, 66 Points, 19 Behind
2014 --- 3rd Place, 69.5 Points, 19.5 Behind
2013 --- 2nd Place, 77 Points, 1 Behind
2012 --- 2nd Place, 69.5 Points, 1 Behind
2011 --- 8th Place, 40.5 Points, 40.5 Behind
2010 --- 8th Place, 38 Points, 38 Behind
2009 --- 2nd Place, 73 Points, 8.5 Behind
2008 --- 5th Place, 58 Points, 27 Behind
2007 --- 3rd Place, 68.5 Points, 18.5 Behind
2006 --- 1st Place, 77 Points, CHAMPIONS
2005 --- 6th Place, 51 Points, 28 Behind
2004 --- 1st Place, 78 Points, CHAMPIONS
2003 --- 4th Place, 59 Points, 20 Behind
2002 --- 7th Place, 55 Points, 25.5 Behind
2001 --- 2nd Place, 71 Points, 3 Behind
2000 --- 6th Place, 58.5 Points, 26.5 Behind

Franchise Leaders

Current SeasonCareerSingle Season
Batting AverageMachado, Manny0.328
Home RunsJudge, Aaron27
Runs Batted InJudge, Aaron53
Runs ScoredJudge, Aaron58
Stolen BasesChisholm, Jazz12
Earned Run Avg.Urias, Julio2.476
WHIP RatioUrias, Julio1.0087
WinsKershaw, Clayton5
SavesKittredge, Andrew5
Strike OutsLopez, Pablo83
Batting PARJudge, Aaron4.92
Pitching PARLopez, Pablo3.70
Walker, Larry0.326
Trout, Mike327
Ordonez, Magglio973
Trout, Mike997
Trout, Mike198
Jansen, Kenley2.371
Jansen, Kenley0.9137
Kershaw, Clayton179
Jansen, Kenley344
Kershaw, Clayton2520
Trout, Mike77.67
Kershaw, Clayton125.34
Ordonez, Magglio20070.363
Gonzalez, Luis200157
Gonzalez, Luis2001142
Gonzalez, Luis2001128
Hamilton, Billy201758
Kershaw, Clayton20141.770
Kershaw, Clayton20140.8571
Kershaw, Clayton201121
Benitez, Armando200447
Kershaw, Clayton2015301
Trout, Mike201610.92
Kershaw, Clayton201416.28

Mavericks Chatter


Posted by: Marc - 07/14/2012 17:14:14 - in Mavericks
Joins the Mavs and immediately steals a bag. Welcome aboard!

Re: Uggla
Reply by: Kevin - 07/15/2012 11:47:24
Something tells me he won't be able to keep up Dee Gordon's pace in that regard. It won't take long for him to surpass Gordon's HR and RBI though.


Posted by: Marc - 05/02/2012 12:37:20 - in Mavericks
hey Jay,

If you are looking for someone to make up the power numbers you are missing with Albert Pujols allowing his sucky twin to play for him, I will trade you the power hitting Dee Gordon and his 1 monster of a home run for the real Albert Pujols

I anxiously aw...

Re: Pujols?
Reply by: Jay - 05/02/2012 17:10:46
I would say yes, but something tells me Pujols might get sent to AAA and I would feel bad for a trade like that. Maybe sent to Pittsburgh, which is basically AAA anyways...

Re: Pujols?
Reply by: Kevin - 05/03/2012 08:58:23
I think we should start a pool to guess the date in which Pujols will hit his first home run.

In other home run hitting news, did Blue Jays teammates Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista switch bodies this winter?

Re: Pujols?
Reply by: Dom - 05/06/2012 20:43:26
I've got dibs on May 6th!

don't call it a comeback

Posted by: Marc - 03/30/2011 07:04:17 - in Mavericks
Look out for the Mavs in 2011 .... er, well .... look out for the ones not on the DL!