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DTBL Sim: Mid-Season Review

Posted by: Kevin -- Fri, 08 May 2020 19:47:11 +0000

We’ve reached the exact mid-point of the 2020 DTBL Sim regular season.  81 games down, 81 to go.  I thought I would use this milestone as an opportunity to review what we’ve seen so far.  Overall, I’m very pleased with the results.  I’ve enjoyed looking through the box scores each day and even occasionally playing out a game in front of me in OOTP.  It had been my only way of getting my baseball fix, until this week when ESPN starting airing live Korea Baseball Organization games.  Normally, I would have absolutely no interest in the KBO.  But there is nothing normal about our current way of life and I’ve been grateful to have been able to watch live baseball games.  Anyway, back to the DTBL sim.  I’m going to go over some general league-wide trends and then will do a quick review of...

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03-26-2020Diaz, YandyKingsDrafted. Added to major league roster.
03-26-2020Solak, NickDarkhorsesDrafted. Added to major league roster.
03-26-2020Schoop, JonathanBeanballersDrafted. Added to major league roster.
03-26-2020Cabrera, MiguelMavericksDrafted. Added to major league roster.
03-26-2020Renfroe, HunterMoonshinersDrafted. Added to major league roster.
03-26-2020Greene, ShaneCougarsDrafted. Added to major league roster.
03-25-2020Pomeranz, DrewJackalopeDrafted. Added to major league roster.
03-25-2020Ahmed, NickKomodosDrafted. Added to major league roster.
03-25-2020Keller, MitchChoppersDrafted. Added to major league roster.
03-25-2020Betances, DellinDemigodsDrafted. Added to major league roster.
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Runs Batted InTeamAmount
Rendon, AnthonyJackalope126
Abreu, JoseCougars123
Freeman, FreddieDemigods121
Alonso, PeteChoppers120
Arenado, NolanBeanballers118
Verlander, JustinKings21
Cole, GerritJackalope20
Rodriguez, EduardoKings19
Greinke, ZackMoonshiners18
Strasburg, StephenMavericks18
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Posted by: Kevin - 03/12/2020 15:25:06 - in DTBL Discussion
Following up on the email I just sent to the list, I'm starting this thread to discuss whether or not we should pause the draft while MLB sorts out their plans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. MLB has suspended spring training and announced that the regular season will begin a minimu...

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Re: COVID-19
Reply by: Mike - 03/12/2020 15:48:11
I would also vote for continuing to run the draft. At least we know no one we draft between now and the end of the draft will blow out an elbow or strain a lat (at least we hope?).

Re: COVID-19
Reply by: Marc - 03/12/2020 15:50:43
Also, I'm eager to find out in which round Mike will snipe me on Franchy

Re: COVID-19
Reply by: Jay - 03/12/2020 16:03:54
I agree with continuing...I also have more than enough real life COVID stuff to plan or adjust, so its helping keep me somewhat sane while people keep sneezing into each others faces. Second the injury comment too. Can I just combine teams with somebody?

Re: COVID-19
Reply by: Kelly - 03/12/2020 16:13:48
Another vote here for continuing on with the draft. I'm not sure there's much to gain with a pause.

Re: COVID-19
Reply by: Mike - 03/12/2020 16:23:18
Marc, I will take all the mystery out of it and snipe Franchy in Round 7. Why prolong the pain any longer than necessary?

Potential rule change for 2021

Posted by: Kevin - 03/08/2020 12:34:20 - in DTBL Discussion
Mike drafting Jesus Luzardo was a nice reminder that I want to get a thread started about a potential rule change for 2021. Marc and I traded a few emails on the following topic, but I want to bring it here for an open discussion.

The issue is position designations for pitche...

2020 Player Adds/Drops

Posted by: Kevin - 02/25/2020 23:55:43 - in DTBL Discussion
Here is the initial list of players who will be added to, and dropped from, the league roster for the 2020 season. We have over a week before the draft will begin next Thursday, so there is plenty of time to discuss some of the names on this list, or missing from it. I'm certainly open t...

Re: 2020 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Marc - 02/26/2020 12:01:37
hi Kevin

Could we keep Franchy Cordero and not add Anthony Santander?

Re: 2020 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Kevin - 02/26/2020 13:18:55

Yeah, I'd be willing to make that swap. To be honest, I hadn't really given Cordero much consideration because he was buried on the primary rankings list I was using. Santander was one of the last OF adds. I will consider it further, but there is a good chance I'll make t...

Re: 2020 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Kevin - 03/01/2020 19:59:28
Alright... I intend to make the draft player pool available later tonight. But first, I have a few changes to announce. First, as Marc requested, I'm going to leave Franchy Cordero in the league and Anthony Santander will not be added. Next, Emmanuel Clase is probably going to miss the ...

2020 Position Changes

Posted by: Kevin - 02/23/2020 17:09:21 - in DTBL Discussion
I'm just about done selecting the pool of players who will be part of the DTBL for 2020. With no early international games this year, we will go back to our usual Thursday start for the draft. The draft is scheduled to begin on Thursday, March 5, which is exactly three weeks before Openi...

Re: 2020 Position Changes
Reply by: Kevin - 02/25/2020 20:08:25
FYI, after completing the pitcher lists, I made a couple additions to the position change list. Josh James and Alex Reyes are now slated to move from SP to RP. Reyes is a pretty straightforward case. He only made four MLB appearances last year and all were out of the bullpen. So he is ...

Re: 2020 Position Changes
Reply by: Mike - 03/02/2020 10:05:43
If anyone is curious (or was looking into possibly trying to trade for him), I've made Ohtani a pitcher for 2020.

2019 Website Enhancements

Posted by: Kevin - 03/16/2019 09:33:45 - in DTBL Discussion
Last night, I made a minor cosmetic change to the website. I have a few additional enhancements planned for the upcoming weeks as well, so I'm starting this thread to document them.

Last night's change was to reorder the batter lists on the roster stats, free agents and draft...

Re: 2019 Website Enhancements
Reply by: Kevin - 03/19/2019 22:29:19
When you go to submit your Opening Day lineup, you will notice another change I made, which for the time being, is also only cosmetic. For the upcoming season, MLB is renaming the disabled list to the injury list. So I am taking this opportunity to also rename the "D.L." to the...

2019 Player Adds/Drops

Posted by: Kevin - 02/26/2019 00:18:55 - in DTBL Discussion
A day later than I had hoped, but here is the first cut at the list of players who will be added to, and dropped from, the league roster. As usual, I'm open to suggestions on changes, so feel free to reply. I will be finalizing the list very soon though, because we are going to need to g...

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Re: 2019 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Marc - 02/27/2019 13:37:24
Looks good, Kevin.

To piggyback on the Hampson item, I think he has a better chance at playing time than Kingery. And I've heard Hampson talked about a fair amount on offseason podcasts, but Kingery seems to be an afterthought. It [i:15ya33gc]is [/i:15ya33gc]tough to call whi...

Re: 2019 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Kevin - 02/27/2019 13:51:09

Oooh... I like this suggestion. Would anybody be sad to see Russell go? Would anybody be willing to admit it if they were?

Re: 2019 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Nick - 02/27/2019 23:01:05
I'm on board with that - didn't realize Russell was still in the pool. And as Marc said I don't think he's going to play much.

Re: 2019 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Mike - 02/28/2019 08:35:00
I wouldn't be terribly sad if Russell were gone. Both from DTBL and the Cubs.

Re: 2019 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Kevin - 03/02/2019 10:51:58
Okay, I've made two changes to the list above. First, Garrett Hampson is now on the shortstop add list and Addison Russell will be dropped. Next, due to yesterday's news that Salvador Perez has a torn UCL and will miss the entire season, he won't be of any use to anybody this year. So I...

2019 Position Changes

Posted by: Kevin - 02/23/2019 00:10:05 - in DTBL Discussion
I've been hard at work at setting the player roster for the upcoming season. I'm hoping to post the first cut of the 2019 player adds/drops by the end of the weekend. In the meantime, here are the players who will be switching positions this season. This may not be a complete list as I ...

The long anticipated Shohei Ohtani thread

Posted by: Kevin - 02/14/2019 21:07:31 - in DTBL Discussion
Alright folks, I'm starting to work on the DTBL player roster for 2019, which means it is definitely time to discuss what to do about Shohei Ohtani and any other dual threat (batter/pitcher) players who may surface in the future. Unfortunately, due to Ohtani succumbing to Tommy John surge...

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Re: The long anticipated Shohei Ohtani thread
Reply by: David - 02/15/2019 11:43:16
I think either option 1 or option 4 is fine, though I personally voted for option 4 because this seems like a special case where a player potentially has enough value in both individual areas that it doesn't seem appropriate to completely exclude him from one position or the other for a gi...

Re: The long anticipated Shohei Ohtani thread
Reply by: Marc - 02/20/2019 10:28:13
I think option 1 is the way to go with our league.

We never have allowed position flexibility. It's always been 1 player at 1 position. I don't see a point in changing that just because a player hits and pitches. I think we would have to open position flexibility to all playe...

Re: The long anticipated Shohei Ohtani thread
Reply by: Mike - 02/22/2019 08:51:53
I do think Option 1 is the best way to go as well, as it matches the already existing rules of the league.

I think if we really wanted him to be a 2-way player, Option 4 would be the only way to do it that stays close to the spirit of the league rules. If we gave Ohtani posit...

Re: The long anticipated Shohei Ohtani thread
Reply by: Marc - 02/27/2019 13:40:10
I see Ohtani has been added as an OF. Since he pretty much will just be UTIL and (I think?) he has not played any position in the majors, would it be possible for whoever drafts him to choose if he is a 1B or an OF?

Re: The long anticipated Shohei Ohtani thread
Reply by: Kevin - 02/27/2019 20:03:51

In my add/drop post, I mentioned that the reason why I put him at OF is because it was the non-pitching field position he played most recently, in Japan, five years ago. So due to those very unusual and unique circumstances, I would be willing to allow the drafting team to ...

Trade deadline!

Posted by: Mike - 08/08/2018 15:11:55 - in DTBL Discussion
Are you looking to try to jump up in the standings and make a run for the title? Are you already in good shape, but think a reinforcement or two might help? Well, you've come to the right place!

With the trade deadline approaching, I'm announcing the availability of most of ...

2018 Player Adds/Drops

Posted by: Kevin - 02/26/2018 20:56:50 - in DTBL Discussion
As I'm sure you are all well aware, dozens of quality players remain free agents here in the final days of February. This made my task of setting the 2018 DTBL player roster a little more difficult than usual. For now, I have elected to keep most of the unsigned free agents in the league...

Re: 2018 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Nick - 02/27/2018 19:56:04
Hi Kevin,

Thanks for posting the list. I'm sure you're waiting for this question... but any chance we can add Ohtani? Since he has pro experience in Japan already and is expected to make an immediate impact, I think he's worth adding. The list looks great overall. I won't ask ...

Re: 2018 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Kevin - 02/28/2018 13:10:18

Ohtani is obviously a very interesting player... one I'm very much looking forward to watching this year. However, his situation isn't truly unprecedented as far as this league is concerned. Off the top of my head, Ichiro, Dice-K and Darvish are three other Japanese le...

Re: 2018 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Kevin - 03/04/2018 20:04:33
By my count, there remain 10 players who are unsigned MLB free agents but are slated to be on the DTBL roster for 2018. With the draft scheduled to begin this Thursday, I need to make final decisions on whether or not these players will remain in the league. I intend to post the full lis...

Re: 2018 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Kevin - 03/05/2018 20:07:40
The following edits were made to the original post in this thread: Neil Walker, Jose Bautista, Melky Cabrera and Carlos Gonzalez will now be dropped from the league for 2018. Logan Forsythe, Nick Markakis and Jorge Soler will be retained. And Gerardo Parra will be added after a one year...