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Verlander Completes Comeback

Posted by: Kevin -- Wed, 23 Nov 2022 20:06:54 +0000

When Justin Verlander underwent Tommy John surgery after just one start in 2020, it felt like it could be the end of the road for one of this generation’s greatest pitchers.  While many pitchers have successfully returned from UCL surgery, most weren’t 37+ years old at the time.  After missing almost all of the 2020 season and all of 2021, Verlander returned this season as a slightly different pitcher, but as good as ever.  He helped lead a rejuvenated Moonshiners pitching staff to their first ever DTBL Championship.  In a year of countless great pitching performances, Verlander was quite clearly the best.  In a unanimous decision, Justin Verlander is the 2022 DTBL Cy Young award winner, earning the award for the third time in his career.

Verlander’s comeback season was quite magical.  The 39 year...
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10-02-2022Soler, JorgeChoppers Placed on inactive list.
10-02-2022Bieber, ShaneChoppers Sent to minors.
10-02-2022Wells, TylerChoppersActivated from inactive list. Released.
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DTBL Chatter

2022 PAR update

Posted by: Kevin - 11/11/2022 11:57:25 - in DTBL Discussion
I have completed the update to all players' 2022 PAR values. As a reminder, this post-season update is done to include the recently completed season's numbers in the PAR formula, replacing the oldest of the five seasons worth of data that is used as the historical baseline. Throughout th...

PAR update

Posted by: Kevin - 04/02/2022 11:43:02 - in DTBL Discussion
Before we get into the 2022 season, I want to mention the 2021 PAR update that I ran a couple weeks ago, shortly after the lockout ended. Usually, soon after the season ends, I run an update on the player PAR totals for the recently completed season. These updates incorporate adjustments...

2022 Player Adds/Drops

Posted by: Kevin - 03/11/2022 22:08:36 - in DTBL Discussion
Here is my initial list of players who will be added to the league player pool for 2022. As I stated in an email, I'm going to hold off with the drops until after the roster cut deadline. Even more than usual, this is going to be a very fluid list. I started working on this several week...

Re: 2022 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Kevin - 03/15/2022 23:42:37
The roster cuts have been processed, so the drops have been added to the lists above. Turns out, there were three starting pitchers who were kept that were going to be on my drop list. I guess this is why I usually wait until after the cuts are done before I start working on these lists....

Re: 2022 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Kevin - 03/18/2022 22:57:11
Hate to do this on such short notice, but I need to make one last change. I completely missed relief pitcher Scott Barlow because I think I confused him with Joe Barlow who was already on my add list. Both will be added to the player pool. As a result, Matt Wisler will be dropped.

2022 Position Changes

Posted by: Kevin - 03/11/2022 20:04:53 - in DTBL Discussion
We're back! I will be posting the list of players who will be added to the league roster either later tonight or, more likely, tomorrow morning. But first, the position changes for 2022. I am fairly confident this is the longest such list I have ever compiled... by a wide margin.

2021 Player Adds/Drops

Posted by: Kevin - 02/25/2021 22:04:41 - in DTBL Discussion
I have completed my first draft of the players who will make up the player pool for the 2021 season. Notably, there are far fewer changes than normal among hitters. Perhaps that makes sense following a severely shortened 2020 season. But on the other hand, the number of new pitchers is ...

Re: 2021 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Kevin - 03/02/2021 18:24:49
Mike elected to move Shohei Ohtani from staring pitcher back to outfield this season. As a result, I have made the follow corresponding changes to the lists above: Mike Minor will remain in the league, but Josh Naylor will not be added.

Still a couple more days before I make...

Re: 2021 Player Adds/Drops
Reply by: Kevin - 03/05/2021 20:50:40
One final change... Josh Naylor is back on the add list and Yasiel Puig will now be dropped. I think it was a bit of an oversight on my part to not have Puig dropped from the get-go, considering I have heard absolutely nothing about him signing with a MLB team in recent weeks.

2021 Position Changes

Posted by: Kevin - 02/22/2021 20:34:08 - in DTBL Discussion
I'm making pretty good progress on the 2021 DTBL player pool. I am pretty much done with position players, but still have some work to do on pitchers. I think I am far enough now to post the list of players who will be switching positions for 2021. Please note that there are one or two ...

2020 Website Enhancements

Posted by: Kevin - 07/09/2020 15:53:43 - in DTBL Discussion
As mentioned in my email a couple days ago, I rolled out a few website changes along with the site switchover to pre-season mode. I will go over the details here and will post additional replies if other new enhancements are released this year. I do have a couple other things in the work...

Re: 2020 Website Enhancements
Reply by: Kevin - 08/07/2020 15:58:51
I've rolled out a handful of additional changes over the past week or so. Here is a summary:

* Player Pages - Previously, I had a separate page template for batters and pitchers. Now that we have a player who has both batting and pitching stats on his resume (Shohei Ohtani)...

Potential immediate rule change

Posted by: Kevin - 06/27/2020 13:53:31 - in DTBL Discussion
I'm very hesitant to make rule changes without giving ample time for people to prepare accordingly. But in this case, I think the extremely unusual circumstances of the upcoming season might warrant a change. I'm considering an alteration to how the free agent signing priority works with...

Re: Potential immediate rule change
Reply by: Mike - 06/28/2020 09:19:23
I have no problem with this. 2020 fantasy baseball is going to be a total crapshoot anyway.

Re: Potential immediate rule change
Reply by: David - 07/02/2020 11:34:16
I agree. Sounds good to me.


Posted by: Kevin - 03/12/2020 15:25:06 - in DTBL Discussion
Following up on the email I just sent to the list, I'm starting this thread to discuss whether or not we should pause the draft while MLB sorts out their plans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. MLB has suspended spring training and announced that the regular season will begin a minimu...

7 total replies. Click here to view entire topic. Last 5 replies:

Re: COVID-19
Reply by: Mike - 03/12/2020 15:48:11
I would also vote for continuing to run the draft. At least we know no one we draft between now and the end of the draft will blow out an elbow or strain a lat (at least we hope?).

Re: COVID-19
Reply by: Marc - 03/12/2020 15:50:43
Also, I'm eager to find out in which round Mike will snipe me on Franchy

Re: COVID-19
Reply by: Jay - 03/12/2020 16:03:54
I agree with continuing...I also have more than enough real life COVID stuff to plan or adjust, so its helping keep me somewhat sane while people keep sneezing into each others faces. Second the injury comment too. Can I just combine teams with somebody?

Re: COVID-19
Reply by: Kelly - 03/12/2020 16:13:48
Another vote here for continuing on with the draft. I'm not sure there's much to gain with a pause.

Re: COVID-19
Reply by: Mike - 03/12/2020 16:23:18
Marc, I will take all the mystery out of it and snipe Franchy in Round 7. Why prolong the pain any longer than necessary?

Potential rule change for 2021

Posted by: Kevin - 03/08/2020 12:34:20 - in DTBL Discussion
Mike drafting Jesus Luzardo was a nice reminder that I want to get a thread started about a potential rule change for 2021. Marc and I traded a few emails on the following topic, but I want to bring it here for an open discussion.

The issue is position designations for pitche...