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07-13-2024Bednar, David Added to major league roster.
07-13-2024Martin, Chris Sent to minors.
06-30-2024Gallen, ZacActivated from disabled list. Added to major league roster.
06-30-2024Musgrove, Joe Placed on disabled list.
06-30-2024Rodon, Carlos Sent to minors.
06-27-2024Floro, DylanSigned as a free agent. Added to major league roster.
06-27-2024Contreras, Willson Added to major league roster.
06-27-2024Tatis, Fernando Sent to minors.
06-27-2024Turang, Brice Added to major league roster.
06-27-2024Jeffers, Ryan Released.
06-27-2024Bednar, David Sent to minors.
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Yearly Results:

2024 --- 3rd Place, 72 Points, 8 Behind
2023 --- 1st Place, 75.5 Points, CHAMPIONS
2022 --- 3rd Place, 64 Points, 10.5 Behind
2021 --- 6th Place, 53 Points, 24.5 Behind
2020 --- 7th Place, 56.5 Points, 16.5 Behind
2019 --- 10th Place, 19 Points, 65 Behind
2018 --- 3rd Place, 63.5 Points, 9 Behind
2017 --- 4th Place, 59.5 Points, 13 Behind
2016 --- 2nd Place, 75.5 Points, 0.5 Behind
2015 --- 5th Place, 50 Points, 35 Behind
2014 --- 2nd Place, 86.5 Points, 2.5 Behind
2013 --- 8th Place, 42 Points, 36 Behind
2012 --- 7th Place, 46.5 Points, 24 Behind
2011 --- 5th Place, 65 Points, 16 Behind
2010 --- 10th Place, 33 Points, 43 Behind
2009 --- 5th Place, 64 Points, 17.5 Behind
2008 --- 9th Place, 46.5 Points, 38.5 Behind
2007 --- 6th Place, 46.5 Points, 40.5 Behind
2006 --- 6th Place, 49.5 Points, 27.5 Behind
2005 --- 4th Place, 60.5 Points, 18.5 Behind
2004 --- 4th Place, 59.5 Points, 18.5 Behind
2003 --- 6th Place, 54.5 Points, 24.5 Behind
2002 --- 6th Place, 55.5 Points, 25 Behind
2001 --- 4th Place, 60 Points, 14 Behind
2000 --- 9th Place, 29 Points, 56 Behind

Franchise Leaders

Current SeasonCareerSingle Season
Batting AverageAltuve, Jose0.304
Home RunsLindor, Francisco19
Runs Batted InFreeman, Freddie66
Runs ScoredLindor, Francisco66
Stolen BasesTurang, Brice22
Earned Run Avg.Lopez, Reynaldo2.125
WHIP RatioLugo, Seth1.0378
WinsLugo, Seth11
SavesBednar, David16
Strike OutsNola, Aaron120
Batting PARLindor, Francisco4.28
Pitching PARLugo, Seth7.36
Suzuki, Ichiro0.320
Ortiz, David441
Ortiz, David1394
Freeman, Freddie1178
Suzuki, Ichiro394
Nathan, Joe2.164
Nathan, Joe0.9616
Buehrle, Mark115
Nathan, Joe280
Hamels, Cole1806
Freeman, Freddie66.09
Kluber, Corey50.26
Suzuki, Ichiro20040.372
Ortiz, David200654
Ortiz, David2005148
Rollins, Jimmy2007139
Pierre, Juan201068
Fister, Doug20142.240
Kluber, Corey20170.8691
Moyer, Jamie200321
Gagne, Eric200355
Darvish, Yu2013277
Kemp, Matt201110.64
Cueto, Johnny201414.33

Demigods Chatter

Anyone know a good fantasy doctor?

Posted by: Dom - 05/15/2012 21:34:03 - in Demigods
Not even 40 games into the season and I've already had 7 players on the DL -- Dempster, Fister, Hudson, Quentin, Longoria, Sandoval, and now Kemp!?

Re: Anyone know a good fantasy doctor?
Reply by: Kevin - 05/16/2012 10:11:48
I'm going to preemptively reply on Dave's behalf with the list of his players who have been on the DL this season: Morneau, C.Jones, Ramos, Gardner, Ellsbury, Carpenter, Farnsworth, B.Wilson, Crain. His team is in such bad shape that several of those guys are still on the active roster d...

Re: Anyone know a good fantasy doctor?
Reply by: Charlie - 05/17/2012 12:03:44
Looks like Dave just barely beat me. With Doumit apparently not going on the DL, I've "only" had eight: Berkman, Upton, Rivera, Marmol, Pineda, Utley, Youkilis, Werth

Re: Anyone know a good fantasy doctor?
Reply by: Charlie - 05/18/2012 13:02:09
Check that ... Soto will be going to the DL -- at least his batting average won't drop anymore while he's on there.

Re: Anyone know a good fantasy doctor?
Reply by: Kevin - 05/18/2012 15:57:20
Charlie, is that Danny Almonte in your profile pic? Are you going to call him up to replace one of your injured players? Or did he retire a while back to spend more time with his kids?

Can someone trade me some DL slots?

Posted by: Dom - 05/27/2011 12:18:53 - in Demigods
I think I'm up to 5 players on the DL now -- Mauer, Kendrick, Posey, Sandoval, Garza. Pretty soon my entire minor league will be injured players. Kev, is it an authorized transaction to trade a draft pick for the use of another team's DL spot? This is getting ridiculous!

Re: Can someone trade me some DL slots?
Reply by: Kevin - 05/28/2011 12:12:33
It is getting pretty ridiculous. So much for your distinct advantage at catcher now that you are missing both Mauer and Posey. I imagine there are a couple other people who don't feel too sorry for you though. Unfortunately, you can't trade draft picks for DL slots.