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05-27-2024Bryant, KrisActivated from disabled list. Added to major league roster.
05-27-2024Jimenez, Eloy Placed on disabled list.
05-27-2024Kelenic, Jarred Added to major league roster.
05-27-2024O'Neill, Tyler Sent to minors.
05-20-2024Hoskins, Rhys Placed on disabled list.
05-20-2024McCormick, ChasActivated from disabled list. Added to major league roster.
05-13-2024Bryant, Kris Placed on disabled list.
05-13-2024McCormick, Chas Placed on disabled list.
05-13-2024Sewald, PaulActivated from disabled list. Added to major league roster.
05-13-2024Fairbanks, PeteActivated from disabled list. Added to major league roster.
05-13-2024Harvey, Hunter Sent to minors.
05-13-2024Ginkel, Kevin Sent to minors.
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Yearly Results:

2024 --- 1st Place, 74.5 Points
2023 --- 3rd Place, 62.5 Points, 13 Behind
2022 --- 2nd Place, 65 Points, 9.5 Behind
2021 --- 1st Place, 77.5 Points, CHAMPIONS
2020 --- 9th Place, 30 Points, 43 Behind
2019 --- 1st Place, 84 Points, CHAMPIONS
2018 --- 1st Place, 72.5 Points, CHAMPIONS
2017 --- 9th Place, 46 Points, 26.5 Behind
2016 --- 1st Place, 76 Points, CHAMPIONS
2015 --- 10th Place, 45.5 Points, 39.5 Behind
2014 --- 6th Place, 43 Points, 46 Behind
2013 --- 1st Place, 78 Points, CHAMPIONS
2012 --- 2nd Place, 69.5 Points, 1 Behind
2011 --- 4th Place, 66 Points, 15 Behind
2010 --- 4th Place, 71 Points, 5 Behind
2009 --- 10th Place, 26 Points, 55.5 Behind
2008 --- 4th Place, 59 Points, 26 Behind
2007 --- 2nd Place, 75 Points, 12 Behind
2006 --- 7th Place, 49 Points, 28 Behind
2005 --- 5th Place, 58 Points, 21 Behind
2004 --- 2nd Place, 68 Points, 10 Behind
2003 --- 1st Place, 79 Points, CHAMPIONS
2002 --- 1st Place, 80.5 Points, CHAMPIONS
2001 --- 1st Place, 74 Points, CHAMPIONS
2000 --- 1st Place, 85 Points, CHAMPIONS
1999 --- 2nd Place, 67 Points, 2 Behind
1998 --- 2nd Place, 84 Points, 1.5 Behind
1997 --- 4th Place, 51 Points, 14 Behind
1996 --- 2nd Place, 58.5 Points, 0.5 Behind
1995 --- 3rd Place, 40 Points, 7.5 Behind
1994 --- 4th Place, 34 Points, 18 Behind
1993 --- 2nd Place, 26 Points, 3 Behind

Franchise Leaders

Current SeasonCareerSingle Season
Batting AverageBetts, Mookie0.338
Home RunsHenderson, Gunnar17
Runs Batted InHenderson, Gunnar37
Runs ScoredBetts, Mookie42
Stolen BasesStott, Bryson13
Earned Run Avg.Wheeler, Zack2.321
WHIP RatioWheeler, Zack0.9502
WinsWheeler, Zack6
SavesDoval, Camilo9
Strike OutsWheeler, Zack85
Batting PARBetts, Mookie3.18
Pitching PARWheeler, Zack5.37
Molitor, Paul0.320
Rodriguez, Alex602
Rodriguez, Alex1794
Rodriguez, Alex1726
Rodriguez, Alex296
Papelbon, Jonathan2.466
Papelbon, Jonathan1.0200
Johnson, Randy210
Papelbon, Jonathan308
Johnson, Randy3393
Betts, Mookie65.84
Scherzer, Max127.32
Olerud, John19930.363
McGwire, Mark199870
Rodriguez, Alex2007156
Rodriguez, Alex2007143
Pierre, Juan200365
Buchholz, Clay20102.122
Verlander, Justin20190.8027
Johnson, Randy200224
Familia, Jeurys201651
Johnson, Randy2001372
Rodriguez, Alex200712.01
Verlander, Justin201917.47

Kings Chatter

0 for 37!

Posted by: Kevin - 09/14/2016 09:20:12 - in Kings
I'm putting this here for posterity's sake:


I wish there was a way I could determine if there has ever been another team in this league that has gone hitless in a full day with 37+ at b...

2013 Tigers

Posted by: Kevin - 05/19/2015 11:36:25 - in Kings
I have completed my goal of acquiring the entire 2013 Tigers starting rotation!

Team pages are finally here!

Posted by: Kevin - 04/05/2015 22:31:45 - in Kings
Well, it only took me four years, but the team pages I said I would be creating are now live. So these individual team forums now actually have a purpose. This was one of several web site enhancements that I released tonight, just in time for the 2015 season. I will outline all of those...

Dom, I don't feel sorry for you any more.

Posted by: Kevin - 07/22/2011 19:15:26 - in Kings
Currently injured Kings: Justin Morneau, Alex Rodriguez, Stephen Drew, Carlos Gonzalez, Jason Bay (day-to-day), Clay Buchholz, J.J. Putz, Scott Baker
Active, but on DL in the past month or so: Jose Reyes, David Freese, Tommy Hanson, Ryan Zimmerman, Kyle McClellan
Honorable me...

Re: Dom, I don't feel sorry for you any more.
Reply by: Kevin - 07/23/2011 11:07:34
And now you are ahead of me in the standings too!

Minor League Champions?

Posted by: Kevin - 04/20/2011 21:12:55 - in Kings
With Clay Buchholz's win this afternoon, pitchers in my minors have accumulated more wins than my Major League roster (7 to 6) in fewer than half as many innings pitched. Much lower ERA and WHIP too. Obviously, I'm trying to win the Minor League title.

Good thing I left Edwin Jackson in my minors this week.

Posted by: Kevin - 04/07/2011 16:50:39 - in Kings
His line of 8 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 13 K (W) really wouldn't have fit in with the high ERA/WHIP, low wins strategy I've been using so far.

Re: Good thing I left Edwin Jackson in my minors this week.
Reply by: Charlie - 04/13/2011 02:04:05
That was my exact strategy with having Beckett (8 IP, 2H, 0 ER, 1 BB, 10 K, Win) in my minors against the Yanks. I never could have seen that coming, though.

New forums

Posted by: Kevin - 03/28/2011 00:25:25 - in Kings
You may have noticed these new forums that just showed up under the sub-forum of "DTBL Chatter". The purpose of these new forums will be more apparent once I start to get the new web site up and running, but here is a brief summary. Each team has it's own "chatter" fo...

Re: New forums
Reply by: Greg - 03/29/2011 10:47:37
Looking good so far, Kevin. Just uploaded an avatar for myself, I'll post a few times to see how my own little piece of the world works.

Re: New forums
Reply by: Kevin - 03/29/2011 18:56:16

Thanks Greg. I like the avatar!

Re: New forums
Reply by: Dom - 03/31/2011 20:41:13
Kev, isn't time to change your avatar? I would never criticize you for showing your Sox spirit, but I don't see the relation to the Kings. At first I thought you were suggesting that the Sox were the Kings of the MLB, but then I saw your predictions and you don't even predict the Sox to ...

Re: New forums
Reply by: Kevin - 04/01/2011 09:34:05

As I mentioned in my first post, yes, I plan on changing my avatar. Thank you for the suggestion. Maybe I will go with that one, at least until I can come up with my own. I may need to institute a "No Huffington Post Links" rule for this forum though.